The David’s Kosher Story

One Bite is All it Takes!

Most if not all, consumers think they have to sacrifice great taste when they purchase quality, authentic kosher hot dogs. Well, NOT ANY MORE!

David’s Kosher Hot Dogs are the only authentic kosher hot dog brand to combine traditional Kosher manufacturing standards with mouth-watering flavor. After one bite, you and your family and friends will know why David’s Kosher Hot Dogs will become a regular part of your meal planning efforts.

David’s Kosher Hot Dogs are made using only the highest quality 100% Kosher beef and poultry and manufactured under strict Kosher guidelines. All David’s Kosher Hot Dogs are gluten free. David’s Kosher All Beef Hot Dogs are also “soy free” and contain no fillers or by-products, no artificial ingredients or colors and contain no growth hormones.

To find out where you can purchase David’s Kosher Hot Dogs click on the “Where to Buy” link for the location of a local retailer. If you live outside the Chicago area, David’s Kosher Hot Dogs are available at